Revolutionize Your Smile With Dental Implants

cosmetic dental resultsFew things can be as powerful as a smile, but over time people tend to lose confidence in flashing those pearly whites. Even if a person takes great care of their teeth, age has a way of making it more difficult. There’s also the issue of accidents, so nobody is completely immune to visiting the dentist more than twice a year.

In more serious cases a tooth is either pulled or it gets knocked out, and this can make a person feel very self-aware. All of a sudden that powerful smile becomes a sly grin. But it doesn’t have to be this way, because dental implants were specifically created for this situation. Over the last 25 years the development in science and dentistry has taken great strides, resulting in dental implants.

As the name suggests, a dental implant is surgically placed inside the jawbone by a dentist. Titanium is the material that is used for the implant, because it’s light, strong and doesn’t preset any danger to the body. In fact, titanium is the preferred material when it comes to most bone replacement surgery.

The length of the implant is pretty much as long as the root of a normal tooth, and it can’t be seen from the surface when the surgery is finished. This is followed with a crown being placed on the base of the titanium screw. The crown will be made to blend with the rest of the teeth and nobody will be able to tell the difference.

Video Describing Dental Implants

The following YouTube video explains more about the dental implant process:

However, there might be some individuals who’ll need bone grafting before the implants can be placed. If the tooth has been missing for some time it will cause bone loss. Without sufficient bone the implant can’t be done. But for the most part people find a permanent answer with dental implants.

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